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Just B - November 1, 2017

Turn Your Phone Into A Self-Growth Toolkit.

Just B - November 1, 2017

7 Signs That You Are Going To Be Successful.

Just B - November 1, 2017
Five ways to turn your phone into a self-growth toolkit

Success is something that we all want, right? But it doesn’t just come like that.  There are certain things you need to be and need to do to be sure that you are going to be successful.

So, here’s how you know you are going to be successful.  If you have these signs in your life right now, then you my friend, are onto the winning streak.

  1. You are super competitive!

Now, hold on a minute, before you start chanting “the only person I am competing with is myself!” Blah, blah, blah.  Let me squash that flawed thinking right now.  I’m squashing it because I too used to think that way, I would be so proud to say “I am in my own lane running my own race”.  But let me ask you this, how would Usain Bolt have ever become the fastest man in the world if he ran all by himself?  Sounds pretty daft, right? And this is my punch line here, you need to have somebody that is already ahead in the game so that you have that drive and motivation to first, catch up with them, and then zoom right past them.  Success is never achieved by staying in your lane.  There is a big difference between comparing yourself and feeling inadequate, and comparing yourself as a measure of how far you have reached and what more needs to be done to get the finish line.

  1. You always finish what you start.

When you start a project, a book, a diet, an exercise program etc, you stick through to the end because you want results.  You grit your teeth when it gets hard, take coffee when it gets boring, you push yourself with the last strength you have.  Basically, you do whatever it takes to see that glorious end and it is that vision of the end goal that keeps you pushing.

  1. You surround yourself with people.

Not just any old type of people though.  You surround yourself with those that out earn you, who are smarter than you, who are already successful and have it going on, because you know that being in their midst will teach you some game changing strategies to apply to your own life to get to that level of success too.  These people don’t make you envious, they make you get serious.  They don’t make you feel inadequate, they make you feel inspired.  You have this sign of success because you are a go-getter and you know you have what it takes.

  1. Credible people around you can see that you are going to be a success.

You have a mentor, coach, pastor, a big sis or big bro, you have somebody that checks you when you are slacking, encourages you when you are losing it and fires you on when you’re burnt out.  They see you taking on board their advice and support, they see you striving to be your best self at all times and they just know that, ‘yes! This kiddo is going to make it!”

  1. You are always learning and improving yourself.

You are the type that has a personal library in your home, filled with books on how to succeed, on how to get that money, how to lose that weight or on whatever your current goal is, you have a book that teaches you something about how to get there.  You are that person that looks out for courses, seminars, events and any form of learning material, so that you can soak yourself with the ‘How Tos’, the strategies and the successes of those before you.  You know that the greatest investment you can ever make, is one in yourself.  You do not scrimp on your self-improvement, you will forefeet that shoe and handbag to get on a coaching program that will Up-Level you.

  1. Your mind never stops.

You are always thinking about your goals, about the next level you want to get to.  You are always asking yourself “what is the next step that I need to take right now?” You are always evaluating, re-assessing and reviewing your action steps.  You figure out where you went wrong and how to try again.  You look at the opportunities before you and start to brainstorm on how to tap into it.  Your mind is always on the prize because you know that with enough dedication, commitment and sacrifice in the short-term you will reap the pleasures in your long-term.  You are forwarding thinking.

  1. You are obsessive!

No, not in the fatal attraction kind of way! You are obsessive about your goals.  You just have to have it.  You see no other alternative but success with your goals.  You stalk your goals daily, you know every stage where you are at with your goals and you do not take your eyes off.  You do everything you need to, to make sure you get it.  To you, failure is not an option.

So, do you see yourself in all this? Are these signs in your life right now?  If not, what are you waiting for?

Get starting!

Lots of love

Just B


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