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My name is Banke Sotomi, affectionately known as ‘Just B’.  I am a Goal Success Strategist and the founder of the personal growth platform called “Being Just B”.  I am also founder of the Goal Diggers Coaching brand, that helps women follow through on their entrepreneurial goals, so that they can come out of feeling stuck in their lives and feeling financially limited to truly experiencing real success.  I use a combination of powerful mind-set transformation work and specific goal setting strategies that enable my clients create achievable action plans towards their goals.

As a seasoned lawyer with over 10 years of legal experience as a corporate and commercial lawyer, I know exactly what it is like to run the ‘rat race’ with millions of other people and feel like you are going nowhere!  That 9-5 job with it’s glass ceiling made me scream out ,”ENOUGH OF ALL THIS! I WANT MORE!” And that began my journey.

From walking the lonely and sometimes painful journey of self-discovery,  I was led to the entrepreneurial path where I finally triumphed from a place of being stuck in life, financially limited and unhappy, to becoming the empowered entrepreneur succeeding at life, money and business.  I evolved to the success strategist that I am today, who is on fire with purpose, to help other women become unstuck and make triumphant changes in their lives, finances and business.

I got here, because I figured out strategies that worked.  They ACTUALLY worked for me! Now, I teach them passionately to other ambitious women so that these strategies can work for them too.

“Success is always for the taking, all we need to do is grab it with both hands!”

-Just B-

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