Just B

If Not Now, When?

Just B - August 27, 2017

It has been an INCREDIBLY long time since I wrote my last post!  I have missed you guys and I have had you on my mind constantly!  But the truth is, I went through a period of change and that change left me somewhat at odds with the next phase of my journey. I was stuck between the path of my comfort zone and my …

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Why Am I Struggling?

Just B - October 18, 2016

Photo Credit: BlackhairOMG.com This was the subject title of an email I recently received from a lady, who randomly reached out to me.  She poured her heart out over the few email exchanges we had, and I had to commend her for taking such a bold step to do so, especially to me, a stranger.  She reminded me of the fact that, for most of …

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