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April 12, 2016

Mindfully Sick (part 2)

April 12, 2016

Mindfully Sick. (part 1)

April 12, 2016

For the month of April, which happens to also be my birthday month! I have decided to share a gift of love with you all.  I am launching my new series called, The Just B Well series, which is all about educating you on holistic wellness and sharing my journey experiences of how I have been able to overcome certain issues by becoming much more mindful of what I do and what I think.  This will not be a regular feature on my blog but through subscription to the Just B Well Series, you’ll be kept informed of new topics that come up in subsequent ones.  But for the month April this series will be featured on the blog, because I love you!

In this feature series I will be enlightening you on the proven fact that there is a direct relationship between the body and our minds (consciousness).

Parts of your body that do not work well are a reflection of parts of your life that do not work well.

Pause and think about that for a minute… Have you ever noticed a particular symptom in your body that’s persistent or recurring? A back ache, headache, colds and flu even insomnia? what makes you ill or causes pain and discomfort?  Now take a moment to scan your life during those times. What issues show up at that time? People you interact with? Emotions you go through?

This week I want to shed some light on how our bodies manifest the things in our minds and how symptoms in our bodies are actually messages trying to be conveyed to get us to check the state of our lives. The body, mind and soul work as a system of energy and within every person there are 7 main energy centers that can either be depleted or energized.  Throughout this series I will talk about each energy center and show you some typical symptoms that are found, revealing what they could mean in the events and feelings that are showing up in your life but are being manifested instead through sickness and discomfort in the body.  Its time to pay attention to yourself!

Each energy center governs a main organ or gland and as such certain symptoms can help you figure out where your energy center is blocked or out of sync and how you can change that so you can heal yourself quicker and be happier in life.  In the next post I will share some insightful information about the first energy center and list some common symptoms for you to see if any apply to you.

Stay tuned! And share with your family and friends!  This is life changing information!  Be sure to follow on twitter and Instagram for tid bits of knowledge and inspiration throughout your day.  And of course be sure to subscribe below too!

Ps. Little quiz for you… Look at the picture closely, what do you see? Comment below.

Til my next post remain inspired.

Just B



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