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Welcome to the Being Just B blog! It’s so great to have you stop over here and I hope that you will find some nuggets to help you along the path of life as I share with you things I experience, learn and overcome.

You’ve probably come to this blog because you are looking for some realness and someone to relate with concerning your life journey, hopes and challenges. Like me I got tired of reading blogs, Instagram posts and twitter feeds that showed me the outcomes I longed for but without showing me the process and the ‘how to’ of getting there.

The fit body and flat tummy on that Instagram page didn’t just miraculously appear one day, the bank account didn’t just jump to thousands in a twinkling of an eye, or that wonderful boyfriend featured as the ‘MCM’ of week didn’t just walk into the scene and create a happily ever after. There were challenges along the way, downfalls, frustrations and lessons that happened before all these results came about and I wanted to know what these were and how they were overcome.

So, you are on this blog expecting just that.  Expecting to identify with someone who, like you has imperfections and accepts themselves as a work in progress. You are here because you are tired of the seemingly perfect world of social media and looking for common experiences that you also go through without the pretense and gloss. You are here because you are expecting to be inspired, challenged, encouraged, educated and enlightened about life and about being the best version of you.

I hope this blog meets and even exceeds all these expectations and most especially more than anything else helps you to grow.

Here’s to enjoying life’s discoveries and whilst I am Being Just B you are being your best and beautiful self!

Just B


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