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Turn Your Phone Into A Self-Growth Toolkit.

Just B - January 13, 2018
Five ways to turn your phone into a self-growth toolkit

So, I’ve been inspired on how you can turn your phone into a self-growth toolkit! It’s been a few days into the New Year now, and if you are like me, you are probably now rolling your eyes at every Instagram post and Twitter feed and Facebook Live that’s harping on about new year’s resolutions, goals and all that! Now, don’t get me wrong! I …

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Mindfully Sick (part 4)

Just B - May 5, 2016

So hopefully by now you have started becoming more in tune with your body and mind and started gaining a better understanding of how the two work together.  I am of course assuming that you are one of my faithful and loyal readers and that you have been following my new Just B well series!  If however you are not and you haven’t got the …

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