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Just B - August 27, 2017

My Fairytale Kick-up The Butt.

Just B - August 27, 2017

If Not Now, When?

Just B - August 27, 2017

It has been an INCREDIBLY long time since I wrote my last post!  I have missed you guys and I have had you on my mind constantly!  But the truth is, I went through a period of change and that change left me somewhat at odds with the next phase of my journey.

I was stuck between the path of my comfort zone and my higher calling.  There were moments of real resistance, conflicts, stress, anxiety, fear and feelings of being lost AGAIN! which at times were actually disheartening.

But I’m the ‘Snap Back Queen’! so you can be sure that I was not willing to stay in that state for too much longer!

So here I am! And let me re-introduce myself!

I am a new woman! Literally, I am a NEW WOMAN! I am now a Married woman.  A Businesswoman and a Purpose driven woman.

You see, my period of change, brought about turbulence to my world, but it forced me to get quiet within so that I could be led to figuring it all out.  When the silence started becoming louder, acceptance and faith started showing up more in my life.  My world, although being reshuffled, has gained so much more clarity and purpose now, like never before.  I am at an elevated level and some of those things I will share with you as time goes on.

The one thing that my silent period showed me though, was that I was an untapped potential. Recently, I have been working on a few ideas, researching and planning for my upcoming business ventures, and one day, it struck me, like a ‘dirty slap’, that I had so much within me that I was not putting to active use.  It wasn’t a cliché moment, it was really true! My gifts, skills, talents, and efforts have been there all along, staring me in the face and yet have not been utilized to help me live a much more fulfilling and purposeful life.

It made me think…

What untapped potential do I really have?  How many like me, are walking around trying to figure out life, when everything we need to know is actually staring us straight in the face?

How much of our lives is effective?  How much are we really achieving in our lives? Are we making any impact and difference to ourselves and those around us?  In short, are we making the most of our lives?

Scientists tell us that the human being, is the most complex of all living things in existence, with an extensive DNA that, if measured in length, would be the equivalent of the distance between the Earth and the Sun 600 times! That our brain capacity, upon just waking up alone, generates 23 Watts of power! We can literally, set the world alight! Go do the maths! Isn’t that deep?

We have so much power, so much ability, so much capacity, so much POTENTIAL! But it is all untapped.  It is all hidden beneath a myriad of ‘stuff’ that we just can’t work through.  So how can we change this?  What do we need to do to discover this awesomeness to our being?

Here are my thoughts…

I struggled for a long time in my life with depression and a lack of purpose.  I was overwhelmed with life, busy with life, stressed with life and just lost in life.  When you are living like this, it is very hard to make any progress, talk less tap into the unchartered waters of potential.  With all that experience of life, however, I have learnt a few things about tapping into my potential and they fall into these 5 general categories:


When we speak of purpose, it really is about what you contribute to the world.  What part do you play in the grand scheme of things to make the world a better place?  To change and impact lives.  Purpose can come from Passion, pain, promise or opportunity.

I asked myself these 3 questions:

  • What is most important to you?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What would you do for free?

For me, the most important thing is living a purposeful and impactful life.  Wherever I am, whoever I am with I always want to leave an impact.  I want to change lives for the better.  Encourage and support people because of the pain I have been through.  This is what makes me happy.  It is what I could do all day long.


You have to believe in yourself, your dreams and your goals.  Believe that is possible. But this takes a POSITIVE MINDSET.  It takes repeated and systematic effort to change negative thoughts patterns to positive ones, and the quickest way to get there is through the power of our words.  Words play a vital role in the state of our lives because they are a creative force.  Words have life.  After being prescribed with anti-depressants in my 20s, it was a wakeup call for me to get intentional about changing my life.  I started speaking life into every situation, problem, relationship and goal I had.  I wrote affirmations everywhere so that it could sink in enough to alter the state of my mind.

The fact is, whatever state your thoughts are in, wherever your thoughts are, your reality is preparing to meet them.  Thoughts translate into reality.


Be committed to your priorities.  Being committed allows you to stay focused and to develop.  This will be hard, however, if you have a million and one projects you are running at the same time.  If you are here today and there tomorrow, the next day you are up there and another time down there, you cannot sustain focus and drive.  You’ll burn out.  Trust me, I tried it.

So, limit your core current priorities in life to manageable numbers at a time.  For me, it’s 3 -4 priorities each time.  I focus on them well enough, before moving on to the next set of priorities.  This helps with:

  • Clarity
  • Creativity
  • Space
  • productivity


A goal without a plan is just a wish list.  Learn to plan for things by creating a schedule that works best for you. Map out how you want your day, your month, the quarter, the year to look like.  Be intentional about your goals so that you create a strategy to execute them.  When you plan, it keeps you organized and also allows you to see your progress and where in your life you need to cut out the excesses.

This leads me to my final point, which for me is the most important part in the process of tapping your full potential.


I cannot stress this enough!  When you are going higher in life, there will be some things that you have to let go of.  There will be some people, places, habits, emotions, memories, and fears, that you just have to cut off.  Success takes sacrifice and to maximise your potential, to live fully in your purpose, to see a change in your life and the world, you cannot afford to be dragged down.

One of the reasons for going through my turbulence, was because I wasn’t letting go.

I had to ask myself these questions:

  • Does this activity, person, emotion, or place energize me?
  • Does it help me move towards my priorities?
  • Does it provide an opportunity for growth and learning?
  • Does it play a positive role in my life?

Wherever I got the answer ‘no’, I knew I needed to cut it OFF! And I did so unapologetically. And the result?

It is here! I am back in full effect!

Lot of love

Just B



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    1. It’s great that you can resonate. I am so glad you don’t feel like you are the only who goes through these things. Keep you focus! You’ll be just fine. xxx

    1. Thank you for that encouragement! Please do feel free to share and like with your friends and on your social platforms! Let’s get women around the world, motivated, inspired and empowered!

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