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My self-development journey started with a burning desire to know and understand myself better. I was tired of being stuck in life, but I didn’t know how to get out of that cycle.  This led me to look for answers in books.  I have read so many books! Being a writer, I naturally love books.  To me, they are an opportunity to escape from my world even if, it’s only for a temporary moment.

Reading self-growth books was really how I started answering the questions that burnt within me, and they started giving me so much insight.  I became an enlightened woman, equipped with strategies and tools to start handling my life better.  I still read a lot of books.  I reckon I read at least two personal development books a month among other genres of literature.  I recommend reading at least one a book a month.  I know not everyone is a keen reader or sometimes the schedule does not permit the luxury of time, however committing to a chapter a day, 10 minutes a day or even just a few lines a day! Can transform your life forever.  With audio books now becoming more popular (which has become my personal favorite when I am busy on the go), there really is no excuse not to acquire knowledge.

Do you want change or not!?!

I thought it would be helpful to share with you some of the books that have had the greatest impact on my life so far, and literally changed my life forever.  Take your time to scroll down the list, which by the way, will always be a growing list, so be sure to check this page out every now and then.  When you find a book that resonates with you, follow that hunch!  There is a reason why it speaks out to you and if you follow your inner compass to read it, you will definitely stumble across something that will push you further in your journey and take you another step towards being the best that you can be.

Best wishes!

Just B







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