Mindfully Sick (part 3)

Just B - May 5, 2016

Finding YOU In Loneliness.

Just B - May 5, 2016

Mindfully Sick (part 4)

Just B - May 5, 2016

So hopefully by now you have started becoming more in tune with your body and mind and started gaining a better understanding of how the two work together.  I am of course assuming that you are one of my faithful and loyal readers and that you have been following my new Just B well series!  If however you are not and you haven’t got the slightest idea of what I am talking about, well let me first welcome you this series and tell you that I appreciate you stopping by.  In order for you to get the hang of all I will be talking about in this post though, I would ask that you stop for a second and click on to my previous posts called Mindfully Sick part 1, 2 and 3.  It’s easy to find.  Have a quick read there and head back here!

So for this part of the series I am talking about the third energy center which is easier to refer to as the Solar Plexus energy center.  This is located just above the navel area- the stomach area.  It is often described as the seat of personal power that houses our beliefs and opinions about ourselves and the rest of the world around us.  This is where we make choices in life and become in charge of our destinies.

When our energy center here is not in alignment or is blocked we can find that we start manifesting feelings of being suppressed, denying or holding in our feelings.  Blockages in the Solar Plexus energy center gives us a feeling of dis-empowerment for not taking what is rightfully ours or standing up for ourselves. There is usually a lack of self-confidence that accompanies these feelings too.  Anxiety, fear and powerlessness also show up regularly in our lives when we are blocked in this area, which can cause us despair and exasperation. Anger and bitterness are likely to be experienced with profound feelings of lack of love, rejection, uncertainty and lack of self believe.

The recurring physical symptoms that usually reveal some of these psychological issues you may be experiencing without you knowing are:

Severe food allergies

Digestive problems

Gall stones



Stomach problems

Addiction to caffeine and fizzy drinks.

The fourth energy center we all have is the heart energy center. Located obviously around the area of the chest, this is typically the center that regulates our ability to give and receive love.  However when this energy center is blocked or not aligned you may find it difficult to express your emotions. You may have experienced a deep loss causing sadness, sorrow or heart break but which you’ve not been able to fully express or process. Emotionally you are wounded.  You feel life has done you wrong, you close yourself off to giving and receiving love out of fear of being hurt. You may feel tired of life, stuck in life and desperate. You may even find it hard to cry, or you feel an intense sadness or grief. There’s often a feeling of hopelessness and despair lurking within.

You’ll know if you are battling with these life issues, even subconsciously, if some of these recurring symptoms show up:


Coughs and lung disorders or bronchitis

Chest congestion

Shortness of breath


Sleep disorders

Sugar cravings


Pretty deep stuff right? Well the truth is we all have some kind of psychological issue we battle with, after all life can be a real B*tch sometimes, but what is important is not what life throws at us but rather how we respond to the things life throws our way.  This is why it is so important to me to get you to understand the different life messages you encounter and how to interpret them so that you can be best equipped to handle anything that comes your way.  I encourage you to continue to study your body and become more aware of what symptoms you experience and match them to how you feel or have been feeling for a while.  At the end of the series I will be sharing with you some strategies I use to help clear my energy centers and to speed up healing in my body whenever I am ill.  There is no magic formula! But consistent practice and awareness will definitely go a long way.

I hope these posts are inspiring and educating you.  If you would like to get the rest of the series then subscribe to my newsletter where I share the rest of this amazing life changing info!

Till we meet again, ‘B’ well.

Just B



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