If Not Now, When?

Just B - October 4, 2017

7 Signs That You Are Going To Be Successful.

Just B - October 4, 2017

My Fairytale Kick-up The Butt.

Just B - October 4, 2017

I should …

I Could …

I would …

These three starters all boil down to one thing- A WASTED OPPORTUNITY.

How many opportunities have I wasted because I was lazy, unprepared and unsure? Plenty!

As I started reviewing where I left things off with my blog, I realised just how many goals and dreams I had for it, which I didn’t pursue. I had goals of guest blogging on prominent websites, but got swallowed up with life that I just didn’t create the time and space for it.  I had goals of partnering up with various organisations and exploring mentoring opportunities, but disqualified myself because I felt that I was not knowledgeable enough or equipped enough to approach big players in the game.  I even had dreams of hosting a radio and TV show, but completely recoiled at the thought of being a ‘non-entity’ trying to step up onto such a platform.  I basically had opportunities patiently wait for me to step out of my comfort zone, but I literally found every excuse in the book to persistently keep me delaying on taking any action at all.

Who can relate?

Looking at what would seem to be the failures of my goals for my blog, I got to curious as to what really was underling all this.  Why, had I had such a passion to start off with, but then somehow retreated into the background to slow my pace?

I discovered a few things:

Number one, I was scared.  I was scared of succeeding.

That must be the strangest thing to ever say, I know, but it was the truth.  As I started getting onto popular platforms and creating somewhat a ‘name’ for myself albeit very short lived and certainly not a celebrity status type of name, I could see the potential that I had with this, if I continued.  I got scared because I was afraid that eventually I would fail and mess up.  So, rather than risk that, I decided (subconsciously I suppose) that it would be better to not show up for my dreams after all.

Number two, I didn’t believe in myself.

Perhaps this truly explains the reason why I was afraid.  I have always been one to shy away from the spotlight and looking back at my childhood, I realised that it was because I was always set against a high standard as a child, and this pressure I felt whilst growing up, often made me freeze each time I had to achieve something.   Whenever I didn’t achieve as expected, I was always left feeling like a failure.

As I had this feeling growing up, I chose (again, subconsciously) that once I had more control over my life, I would avoid things that would make me feel like I wasn’t going to make it, so that way, the feeling of failure wouldn’t overcome me.  I just wouldn’t try so that I’ll be on the ‘safe side’.

Both of these feelings however, have their root in one simple fact- that I just wasn’t prepared to succeed.

I lacked that confidence, because I had not invested in preparing myself for the dream I wanted. Imagine it like going to a ball but showing up without your ball gown. That was me, the Cinderella with the unpedicured feet!  I can’t imagine Cinderella pointing her delicate feet to the glass slipper, with chipped toe nails, bunions or a crusty back foot!  No way! Her feet would have been prepped for the shoe destiny they were about to meet.  That was what I was missing- Preparation.

I love this Cinderella analogy for two reasons; firstly, notwithstanding her poor condition with her step-mother and sisters, Cinderella had a dream and she had prepared to meet with it.  She used what she had and made the most of it.

Sure, her ball dress was made from the scrapings of leftover fabric, but it was creatively put together, well enough for her to catch the eye of her Prince.  True, she most likely smelled like Dettol from all the floor scrubbing that she had to do, but she exuded a fragrance of confidence, expectancy and faith, such that when she stepped into the ballroom, it made her irresistible and a show stopper.

Secondly, although Cinderella’s dreams seemed have to been dashed at the stroke of midnight, her intention for success left no room for failure.  The fact that she had showed up for her dream with all that she had and rocked it with such conviction, hope and belief, meant that the universe had no choice, but to honour that.  Her dreams HAD to come true no matter what it would take! Her alignment for success was just too strong for it to have been any other way.  Things moved in her favour just because of her attitude and mindset.

This is no ordinary fairy-tale!

Nothing held her back from trying and as she took action, she was indeed rewarded with the grand prize.  So of course, whilst the little girl in me loves the Cinderella story for the happy fairy tale ending, I love her more for how she demonstrates the attitude I should emulate regarding my dreams.

This time nothing will hold me back.

Will this be the same for you?

Lots of love

Just B


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