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Just B - January 13, 2018

Turn Your Phone Into A Self-Growth Toolkit.

Just B - January 13, 2018
Five ways to turn your phone into a self-growth toolkit

So, I’ve been inspired on how you can turn your phone into a self-growth toolkit!

It’s been a few days into the New Year now, and if you are like me, you are probably now rolling your eyes at every Instagram post and Twitter feed and Facebook Live that’s harping on about new year’s resolutions, goals and all that!

Now, don’t get me wrong! I am all for goal setting and New Year’s resolutions!

Of course, I am!

I am Goal Success Strategist after all and goals are really all about self-growth!

So I figured, wouldn’t it better to come up with ways on how you can turn your phone into a self-growth toolkit, rather than have social media just blazing up your feed about Goals Goals Goals!?!

You see, it is so easy for us to start the year out with so much excitement.  We vow that we will be better than we were last year, but do you know, (and this is a statistical fact) that within 2 weeks of the New Year, about 95% of those who set goals have fallen off already?

Now that is a high statistic!

So I have come up with five ways on how you can turn your phone into a self-growth toolkit and how to help you stay on track with your goals, so you don’t have to be a statistic too:

  1. Use your alarm more often. Now I don’t mean just for the purpose of making sure you wake up in enough time to rush out the door to sit on a crowded train on the way to work. No, use your alarm much more creatively than that.

Set your alarm with positive statements to wake up to, for example “This is great day! It’s a day filled with joy!” or “Get your Sexy ass up now!”.

Whatever takes your fancy!  This is a lot better than just seeing the ‘snooze’ button, which you are more likely to hit, because nothing is inspiring you enough to get out of bed at that point in time.

Use alarm to remind you of your top goals and to keep you motivated.  Or to pop up with positive affirmations every couple of hours to be an injection of positivity into your day.

You can even use your alarm to ask yourself questions like “Am I sitting like a successful person?” “what am I thinking right now, is it positive?” or “What would the successful version of me do, be and have right now?”.

Asking questions like these, are actually a fantastic way to break our current states of mind and to get us to look deeper at what is going in our minds.  It also stimulates the brain to find the answers we ask.  So the more quality our questions are, the more quality our answers will be.

Here’s what part of my daily alarm schedule looks like, in case you are looking for some inspo on that.

  1. APP’-LY what you have. Your phone (hopefully in this day and age, is some sort of a Smart phone; and if it’s not then you should make that a goal!), has a plethora of apps that can actually be great ways to turn your phone into a self-growth toolkit.   You can keep track of your goals, your mood (yes! there is an app I use, where every hour I track how I am feeling in that moment) or even where you can track your productivity for the day.

There are Apps that can help you calculate the number of calories in that muffin you’ve just bought from the coffee shop, while waiting for your client to show up, (ok, I’m guilty!).

There are apps for almost everything!

Just search on any area of interest in your App Store on your phone, and you’ll be amazed at what you find.  If you want to see the kind of apps I use, which have actually made a real tangible difference in my life, you can get my app list here.

  1. Mobile reading. This is closely related to apps, but I am coming more from the perspective of making reading more easily accessible without weighing your handbag down with heavy bulky books, especially when you are always on the go.

The most popular options to support mobile reading on the go, are platforms like Kindle which is an e-book platform for most books and Audible which is an audio version, both of which you can access on your phone.

I absolutely love Audible because I am usually on the road driving or on long haul flights and sometimes reading just isn’t practicable.  Most books now come in an audio version and its just as effective as reading in the conventional way.

  1. Create a power playlist. Nothing gets you from zero to 100 in terms of creating positivity, than great high vibe music!

It’s the fastest way to engage your emotions and also one of the most powerful ways too.  I have a power playlist of great female artists, who belt out high notes on their tracks that make me feel like I am Beyonce, Nikki and Diana Ross all in one!

By the time I have reached track three on my playlist, I feel like I run the world! I feel sexy and glamorous like never before, with a straight up no-B.S-‘hood’ type attitude towards any kind of negativity in my day! In short, I am totally hyped to smash my goals!

A power playlist can be great to listen to in the morning or during a workout.  You want to know what’s on my playlist to get me feeling this way? Click here.

  1. Get motivated with it. Closely related to creating a playlist, is also using your phone to create a playlist of motivational videos of people that inspire you, or have great advice and strategies.  YouTube is a great place to find these kinds of videos and it allows you to create your own playlist of videos you like.   You can download them on to your phone and watch them over and over again.

As you can see, there is so much that can be done with your phone!  Do you have any other tips on how to turn your phone into a self-growth toolkit?

Why not share them in the comments below?

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Till next time.

Lots of love


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